Darlantus / Crossfire

Graphical adventure game.



Hopefully done within a few hours.

1a: Download

The following steps are for players running Windows computers.
This page will step you through how to download and install the GTK client for the Darlantus / Crossfire game.

Right-Click on this link and save this zipfile to your Desktop: Download darlantus-gtk-client-21510.zip

1b: Download (keep)

Windows will probably try to protect you from harmful downloads as it should, and so
you MAY get a pop-up warning that tells you this game file hasn't been downloaded enough
for Windows to know if it's harmful or not.
Not much we can do about that, except just tell everyone to click the KEEP button.

2a: Extact

Next, you will go to your Desktop (or maybe you downloaded it to your Downloads folder)
Find the file darlantus-gtk-client-21510.zip
Right-Click on it, and select "Extract All".

2b: Extact (location)

The next pop-up window asks where you want to extract the game files too.
I will recommend putting the files on your Dektop in a new folder called "Darlantus-gtk-client"
Make sure the "Show extracted files when complete" box is checked.
Then click "Extract"

3: Launch / Run / Execute

We're now ready to start the game application!
You should see the new folder pop open with the extracted files.
Look for the file: crossfire-client-gtk2.exe
Right-Click that file and select "Open". This will launch the program.

4: Select Darlantus and Connect

Then, you will want to choose my game server and CONNECT (where the real action happens)
Look for a row that says "darlantus.freeddns.org" ... and ... "Darlantus / rock808 - Latest maps+code and player raffle"
Left-Click on that row (it should highlight)
Then click on the "Connect" button

5a: Create Account - (or Login)

Do you ALREADY have an account on the game? Or do you need to create a new account?
Probably this is your first time here (since you're just installing),
so click on "Create Account".

5b: Create Account (set password)

Type in the Account name you want to have.
Account names can only contain letters, underscore and dash (no numbers for now or spaces)
Type in a password for your account, and WRITE THIS DOWN SOMEWHERE!!
Currently the game makes it impossible for YOU to recover your password,
and it's extremely difficult for me to reset it manually.
Because this is a work-in-progress we do not trust our security to be the greatest, so
please do not use a password here that you use anywhere else.

Once you've got an Account name and password, click "Create Account".

6a: Start a NEW Character

This next screen shows you the CHARACTERS you have under this account.
Right now, you probably have none. You can have up to about 14 different characters,
that you can be working with if you like to try different styles.
Click "NEW" to get started with your first one.

6b: Creating a new character

I will have a YouTube video with more detail on Characters, but for now,
let's create the strongest, most resiliant type character to give you the
best chance for success while you're just learning. You can always create
more and different characters later.
Type in a Character Name. This can be the same as your account name, or different.
Select "Half-Orc" for your race.
Select "Warrior" for your class.
Put 18 for Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, and Intelligence.
Put 4 for Wisdom, Power, and Charisma (trust me these are less important for your first character)
Then click the "Forward" button.

7: Starting Map

For the Starting Map, use the Drop-Down arrow,
and select "Tutorial 1" (best intro lessons for new players)
Then click the "OK" button.

8: PLAY!

And now FINALLY your new character is dropped in to the Tutorial 1 map and you can start playing!
One of the first things you might want to do is type: 'chat Hello
which is a command that allows you to speak to other players in the game.
It's a little tricky your first time... Pressing the single-quote is how to START the command, but
that single-quote will NOT show up on your screen. It's okay. That's just the keystroke used to put
your cursor in to the command window. You could also CLICK in the commend window as well.
In either case, once your cursor is now flashing in the command window, you can type the command chat
and then after that, whatever words you want to say.
At THIS point, I would HIGHLY recommend you watch one of my YouTube videos here...
These are VERY informative, and so you can skip to the sections in the video you are interested in.
Intro video for Newbies

Please give me feedback on this installation process and let me know any ways we can improve it, or
if it worked perfectly for you! THANKS!
... and Happy Gaming !